How do I Grieve My Property Value?
Write and mail or hand-deliver a letter or email to the Assessor's Office a written request to have the property value reviewed.

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1. When Can I Appeal My Property Value?
2. How do I Grieve My Property Value?
3. What Information do I Need to Support a Grievance?
4. Who Can Represent Me at a Grievance?
5. What Can I do if Not Satisfied with the Outcome with the Assessor?
6. What is the Relationship Between the Grand List and the Local Real Estate Market?
7. Why did My Tax Bill Increase When my Value did not Change?
8. When does the Town do a Re-Valuation?
9. How Often do I Have to Declare my Homestead as Being in Shelburne, Vermont?
10. Why do Exempt Properties, Including Churches Have to Report a Value in Shelburne?