Kate Lalley, Vice Chair

Term Expires: 3/01/2023


Ph: 802-578-6964

Kate joined the Planning Commission in March 2007 after serving on the Bicycle and Pedestrian Paths Committee where she was part of a team that expanded Shelburne’s bike and pedestrian network by 60%. A landscape architect, in 2003-2005 she helped the Town mitigate the aesthetic impact of the VELCO powerline upgrade, securing undergrounding of the line along a critical section of the Town’s lakeshore. As a Commissioner Kate assists town officials to prioritize and set goals to implement wise and fitting land use objectives. She considers the outcomes of building on the land and how this interrelates with goals to conserve resources, manage stormwater, have a resilient local economy, and enhance liveability. She is leading the redevelopment of the Rt. 7 north mixed-use district with Form-based zoning to uncover the potential hidden in this underperforming area. A native of Washington, DC, Kate and her husband, Scott Giles, and their three children have lived in Shelburne since 2003. She and Scott enjoy cycling, sailing and entertaining their chocolate Labrador, Theo. 

She was elected to the Selectboard in March of 2020.

Kate Lalley

Kate Lalley