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Event Coverage

When available, Shelburne Rescue provides EMS coverage to community events occurring within the Town of Shelburne.
This EMS coverage is composed of off-duty members and is in addition to the primary ambulance, which remains in service at all times.


1.  Jump Team: two or more certified Shelburne Rescue EMT's with stand-by equipment (including, but not limited to medical jump bags, patient assessment equipment and patient stabilization equipment).
2.  Standby Crew:  one Shelburne Rescue Certified Crew Chief, and one or more Certified EMT's, and one Certified Driver with standby ambulance (including, but not limited to, medical bags, patient assessment equipment, and patient stabilization equipment).

Rates for Service

Municipal event: no charge
Non-profit entity, charitable / non-profit event: no charge although donations are requested.
For-profit entity, non-charitable event: $25.00 / hour / EMT
$100 / hour for the ambulance, driver and Crew Chief.


Requests for stand-by coverage must be submitted to the Shelburne Rescue Chief directly, no less than four weeks in advance of the desired coverage date.  All requests must be in the form of a written letter and include the following information:
1.  Date, time, location and duration of the event.
2.  A brief description of the event, including an estimated   number of attendees.
3.  All known hazards, risk factors, or special considerations relevant to the need for EMS being at the event.
Send your written request to Shelburne Rescue Squad, P.O. Box 254, Shelburne, VT 05482 or call 802-985-5125 to request more information.

Please Note

Request for coverage will be responded to by the Shelburne Rescue Officers within two weeks of submission.
Shelburne Rescue will not automatically guarantee event coverage upon the submission of the request.
A requesting entity should not assume Shelburne Rescue will provide coverage until it has been confirmed by the officers.

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