Design Guidelines

Updating of Design Guidelines

In 2015, Shelburne engaged a consultant (Brandy Saxton of PlaceSense) to assist in the updating of the “Design Review in Shelburne: A Guide to Project Planning in the Design Review District.” The ‘Design Review Guidelines,’ as they are known, were prepared in 1993. They are incorporated by reference in the Shelburne Zoning Bylaws and form a key element of the Town’s Historic Preservation and Design Review Overlay District. The updated Design Review Guidelines can be downloaded using the link under the header Related Documents located on the edge of this page.

Shelburne’s original Design Guidelines were among the first to be developed by a municipality in Vermont. The original Guidelines facilitated the adoption of the Town’s Historic Preservation and Design Review Overlay District and represented a major step in implementing the Town’s 1988 Village Plan (which was updated in 2006). The Overlay District, as supported by the Guidelines, articulates a clear vision for the improvement and development of real property in the heart of Shelburne village.
The primary audience for the Design Review Guidelines consists of property owners and developers who require permits under the bylaw, the Shelburne Historic Preservation and Design Review Commission (HP&DRC) and the Shelburne Development Review Board (DRB) which administer it, and Planning and Zoning Department staff who support applicants and local boards. Others who might be interested in the Guidelines are design professionals, decision makers, and members of the public.
The consultant hired by the Town worked closely with the Town’s Historic Preservation and Design Review Commission. She conducted a kick off meeting, held informal working sessions, conducted numerous site visits, and gave presentations of her work at Planning Commission and Selectboard meetings.

As noted in the application prepared by the Town when gaining funds to complete the project, the impacts of updated Guidelines will be significant and long lasting, and will include reinforcing the benefits provided by the original document. The results of the project will help maintain the integrity of historic resources in the Village overlay district for years to come.

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