Town Plan (Comprehensive) Updates

The Planning Commission is currently working on several proposals that would update sections of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.  State law requires that Shelburne’s Plan be updated or replaced with a new Plan no later than February of 2019.   (Note: In the future, Shelburne’s Plan will be valid for 8 years, not 5 years, which is the “lifespan” of the current document.)  The basic contents of the Comprehensive Plan are determined by state law. The Plan must contain several different “elements” or sections (although these elements may be combined or arranged according to the Town’s preferences.  And should the Town wish for the Plan to provide certain benefits, the Plan must also address a series of statewide planning goals.

Over the last several months, a portion of almost every meeting has been dedicated to working on the Plan update. To find out more about the Plan update process, contact Planning and Zoning Department staff, review current and past meeting materials, or review the latest edits to the various sections of the Plan.


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