Zoning & Subdivision Updates

Selectboard Adopts Housing Amendment

After a public hearing held on July 9th, Shelburne’s Selectboard voted to approve a series of bylaw changes recommended by the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission developed the proposal in response to recommendations offered by housing subcommittee, which views the changes as implementing key policies contained in Shelburne’s 2019 Comprehensive Plan. The Planning Commission had conducted its own public hearing on the proposal on May 23rd. Notifications relating to both hearings were published in local newspapers and posted in three public locations, as required by state law. 


The proposal approved by the Selectboard is intended to simplify review procedures applicable to “accessory apartments.” More specifically, beginning on July 30, accessory apartments of 1,500 square feet or less will be treated as permitted uses. Previously, two bedroom apartments, as well as apartments involving building expansions or other physical changes, were subject to “Conditional Use” review.  

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