Zoning & Subdivision Updates

Planning Commission to hold hearing on Zoning Bylaw Amendment

On March 25, 2021, the Shelburne Planning Commission voted to conduct a public hearing on proposed amendments to Shelburne’s Zoning Bylaw.  The hearing will take place on April 22 2021.  The meeting will be conducted remotely using the Zoom online platform.  

The extent of the proposed changes is detailed in files available under Related Documents at right. In summary, the Commission’s proposal would end permit requirements for certain activities, simplify procedures for modifying nonconforming signs, and grant authority to the DRB to allow fences in PUD in certain instances.        

At the close of the hearing the Planning Commission voted to slightly modify the text and advance the proposal to the Selectboard. The Selectboard is expected to formally receive the package at an upcoming meeting. After receiving the package the Selectboard is also expected to set a date for its own hearing on the matter.

Other Recent Bylaw Activities

On January 26 the Shelburne Selectboard adopted bylaw changes that modified aspects of the bylaw relating to Nonconforming structures and Setbacks. The first main element of the change increased opportunity for expansion of structures in the Rural District while streamlining the review process. The second element of the proposal modified the definition of Setback by expanding the list of features that are not subject to default setback requirements.

On August 11, the Shelburne Selectboard adopted zoning bylaw changes adding fences and retaining walls to the list of structures allowed within certain PUD buffers (i.e., those in PUDs in the Mixed Use district).  The change also added a definition of “retaining wall” and requirements relating to retaining walls.

On July 14, the Selectboard adopted zoning changes that simplify the application and review procedure for certain minor projects proposed within the Historic Preservation and Design Review Overlay).  The Selectboard also adopted changes that revised several aspects of the Town Form Based Zoning overlay district and made related changes in the Subdivision bylaws modifying definitions of “Subdivision”, “Major Subdivision”, and “Minor Subdivision.”

For More Information

You will find a copy of the proposals and associated bylaw change reports in the “Related Documents” section of this web page. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Planning and Zoning office.

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