Traffic Enforcement & Safety

Statewide, Vermont experiences a traffic rate increase of 2% annually. The Town of Shelburne is directly impacted by this increase due to the bisecting, heavily traveled U.S. Route 7 (Shelburne Road). We estimate that Shelburne’s rate of traffic increase is higher than that of the State average.

The Town of Shelburne is home to many popular tourist attractions, which compounds the impact of traffic congestion on our community. This congestion is not limited only to the main thoroughfares, but also exists on many of our town roads. Like much of the state, Shelburne experiences a major increase in vehicular traffic starting in May, and running through foliage season ending in the month of November. During this period, the Town experiences large increases of both commercial and individual vehicular traffic, related to tourism. These tourists are visiting local attractions such as the Shelburne Museum, Vermont Teddy Bear Factory and Shelburne Farms, which sponsors various year round festivals.

Due to our location, its scenic views from our roadways and our proximity to Lake Champlain, the Town of Shelburne becomes host to many special events throughout the year. These events often include triathlons and biathlons, which impede upon its roadways, and increase the pedestrian and bicycle traffic, which must coexist, and use the same roadways as personal and commercial motor vehicles.

For this reason, the enforcement of motor vehicle laws, as well as public education on traffic safety related issues, has become a high priority for both the Town of Shelburne and the Shelburne Police Department. The primary goal of our safety efforts is the reduction of injury and loss of life due to serious vehicle collisions within the Town limits. 

Police Map