Meech Island (Private)

First used in 1775, (the earliest know burial in Shelburne) the Meach Island Cemetery is located on Meach Island, in Meach Cove, which can be seen off to the to left of Shelburne Beach. 

It was part of the island owned by Moses Pierson.  Town documents show James Pierson, son of Moses and Rachel Pierson, died on December 17, 1775 at age 20 was buried on the island. 

Ezra Meech bought the property from the Pierson's and built a house on the island. His wife , Mary, died February 4, 1826, age 45 and several children were buried in the cemetery on the island: Ellen Meech died March 1, 1822, age 2 years; William Meech died August 15, 1822, age 7 months; James Meech died February 10, 1823, age 18 and Jane Anne Warner died May 30, 1842, age 28.  Town burial records show they are now buried in the Meech plot in the Village Cemetery.
Meech Island is privately owned by the Waite Farm Associates LLC, according to the Shelburne Assessor’s 2014 Grand List. The island is posted with two “No Trespassing” signs that are visible from the main land (290 Meech Island Road).
Meach Island Cemetery

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