Mapping & Geographical Information System (GIS)

Do you need a map of Shelburne, your neighborhood, or the street where you live? The Shelburne Planning and Zoning Department might be able to assist you. Planning and Zoning staff have access to reproducible paper maps as well as to data and software that can be used to create new maps.  

For many people, online resources such as the Vermont Interactive Map Viewer will meet your needs. If the Map Viewer is not sufficient, the Town also makes available on an “as is” basis data files that can be used with the free software known as Google Earth. One such file depicts the approximate location of property boundaries of land in Shelburne. Other files containing data sometimes used by Town committees or staff for planning projects can also be made available upon request.   
To obtain a map or mapping data:


Director of Planning 
Ph: 802-985-5118 
Fax: 802-985-9550