Updating of Parade Ground & Village Green

In early 2012, Shelburne applied for and was selected to receive a grant from the Certified Local Government Program administered by the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation. The purpose of the grant application is to marshal local resources toward the updating of the Landscape Master Plan for the Shelburne Parade Ground and Village Green.  

The Master Plan was last updated in 1995. And, as is noted in the grant application, it has become increasingly “out of date.” The document does not accurately reflect current conditions, nor does it reflect changes of use that have occurred nearby (such as the Pierson Building) and on open portions of the property (for example, the Shelburne Farmers Market has made regular use of the southern and western part of the Parade for several years; sidewalks have been added along the south and west sides of the Parade Ground). 

The consulting firm TJ Boyle Associates (TJBA) was hired to assist the Town in the updating of the Plan. Together, TJBA and the Town solicited public opinion regarding the properties. TJBA also prepared the following: 
· Summary of existing conditions, opportunities, and restrictions for present and future use of the properties. 
· Summary of public input relating to the use, improvement, and conservation of the Parade Ground and Village Green. 
· Summary of public input relating to design alternatives and draft policies. 
· Design alternatives for Parade ground and Green. 
· Preliminary preferred plan and policies for Parade ground and Green. 
· Final preferred plan and policies for Parade ground and Green. 

Work on the project took place over several months. The end result of the project was a color rendered plan with clear descriptions of the proposed elements, and guidance on the locations for future elements and use of spaces. In developing their recommendations regarding future use of the space, the consultants considered, among other things, proposals for the creation of Veterans memorial on a portion of the Parade Ground.  

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