Shelburne Road Pilot Project

The Town signed an agreement with consultants Bill and Mary Dennis to complete a short term “pilot project”.  The focus of the project is a roughly half mile corridor along Shelburne Road centered on the intersection of Shelburne Road, Bay Road, and Executive Drive.  

As part of the project, the consultants interviewed property owners and facilitated public meetings. Almost all property owners who were approached by the project team were interviewed. Bill and Mary Dennis conducted a public design workshop in the Shelburne Town Hall. This workshop involved property owners and the public in identifying ways the study area might be redeveloped. Approximately three dozen people participated.  

Throughout the following da,y  the consultants refined ideas and designs identified the day before. They presented the conceptual designs they created as part of the Planning Commission. Public reaction to the ideas was solicited at that time. Discussion of the project extended for nearly two hours.  

Key “deliverables” of the project include images that illustrate different development opportunities in the study area. More specifically, such images will opportunities existing under traditional zoning with those available under “form based” zoning.  

Deliverables would also include diagrams depicting possible ‘building types’ and ‘frontage types.’ Such diagrams might serve as ‘templates’ for the development of a Form based code, in the event the Town should decide to purse such a code.  

In the weeks following the presentation, the Dennises completed their work by preparing two sets of material. The first is an illustrated report containing text and images depicting potential applicability of Form-Based Code along road frontages within Pilot project study area.  

The second consists of final images illustrating recommended strategies and designs. These final images include a plan of the study area, perspective images, and diagrams depicting building types and, separately, frontage types. 


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