Our office is a Passport Application Acceptance Agency.  Please call the office to make an appointment at 802-985-5116.  We take passport photos for a fee of $10. For more information look under Quick Links.

Application for a U.S. Passport – You Will Need:


Proof of U.S.Citizenship: 

Certified birth certificate or previous passport.  If you were born outside the U.S. please go to: for specific information.

Proof of Identity:

  One of the following - valid driver's license, previous U.S. passport, certificate of naturalization, certificate of citizenship, military id, federal, state, or municipal government employee id card or pass. 

One recent color photos

:  $10 for one photo taken in our office. 


 Two checks.  Passport fee $130 (if under 16 - $100) written out to the U.S. Department of State and a $35 execution fee written out to the Town of Shelburne.  Please Note: The fees increased as of Monday 12/27/2021.

For a child under 16:

  Both parents or the child’s legal guardian(s) must appear and present the following:  Evidence of the child’s U.S. citizenship, Evidence of the child’s relationship to parents/guardian(s), AND parental/guardian identification.  If only one parent appears a consent form must be completed. Each minor child applying for a passport must appear in person.

U.S. Passport Card:

  May only be used for international travel by land or sea between the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda. The cost for under 16  years of age is ($15 plus $35 processing fee unless purchased with a Passport book and then the cost would be $15) and is valid for 5 years. Over 16 years of age ($30 plus $35 processing fee unless purchased with a Passport book and then the cost would be $30) and is valid for 10 years. 
  • Passport Books and Cards may be purchased at the same time. Under 16 is $115 and over 16 is $160.  Plus, an additional $35 execution fee.
  • Canadian law requires that all persons entering Canada carry proof of citizenship and identity. A valid U.S. passport, passport card, or NEXUS card satisfies these requirements for U.S. citizens.
  • Enhanced Driver’s Licenses for travel into Canada by land can be obtained in Burlington (7:45 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.), Montpelier and Rutland Motor Vehicle Departments.