Dog Park

Park Status

Welcome, friends, to the Shelburne Village Dog Park! The Park is open for dogs and their human companions to enjoy.

Our park contains Class 2 wetlands. As the dog park committee and other volunteers strive to comply with the restricted maintenance practices required by the State of Vermont, we are no longer able to mow (mechanically) for new growth of any plant material other than invasive species.

A goat initiative is being explored to help rescue some of the space from overgrown invasives and weeds. We will let you know the results of our pilot goat project.

Park History 

The Friends of Shelburne Village Dog Park and Committee members worked hard to open the Park in 2012 after 2 years of planning and fundraising. Please check out this great resource located on Harbor Road, at the entrance to the Ti-haul Path (between Turtle Lane and New Village Farm).  

In the summer of 2014 water access was brought to the park and a Dog Washing station was added. (Please do not use soap at the park). In addition, Robbie Brangan built a storage shed as an Eagle Scout project which has brought needed shelter for humans and security for supplies and equipment at the park.  Due to wetland maintenance restrictions, the shed was moved to the parking lot on Harbor Road (see below under Parking).

Important Information

If you plan to visit, please plan ahead and respect the Rules. Keep our Park a safe and happy place for all to enjoy.  

A parking lot is available on Harbor Road just east of the bridge between Turtle Lane and the Arbors. It is next to the Town Water / Sewer building and just a short walk to the Dog Park!   

Shelburne Village Dog Park Best Practices

  • Always supervise your dog. 
  • Clean up after your dog and any other poop you happen to come upon. 
  • Remove your dog immediately (or try a short break) if she’s playing too roughly or is intimidating other dogs or people.  
  • Try and give the dogs plenty of room if they are being rambunctious to avoid being knocked over.




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Contact Us

  1. Dog Park

    Become a Dog Park Supporter

    Are you and your dogs enjoying the park? We encourage everyone to become a supporter of the Shelburne Village Dog Park by sending your tax-deductible contribution of $25.00 to:

    Shelburne Recreation
    P.O. Box 88
    Shelburne, Vermont 05482 

    Or you may use the link at the top of the page to donate online. You don't have to be a supporter to enjoy the park, but we sure would appreciate your support! 

    Volunteers are Always Welcome!

    If you're a regular user or a new dog park user, please contact us to help with small projects, or join the board! We like to have fun with our dogs and provide a fun place for locals to have fun with their dogs!

    Co-Chairs Karen Medsker or Lisa Williams

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