"People Will Not Look Forward to Posterity, Who Never Look back to Their Ancestors."

                                                                                                          Edmund Burke

There are three cemeteries in Shelburne, two of which are still in active use, the Village Cemetery and Spear Street Cemetery.

Excerpts from Cemetery Rules and Regulations


  • Cemetery hours are dawn to dusk.
  • In winter the cemetery will be closed for a period of time depending on weather.
  • No funerals on Sundays or Holidays.
  • No saddle horses, motorcycles, snowmobiles or trail bikes are permitted.
  • Dogs must be on leash - droppings removed by owner.
  • No littering.
  • No vaults, no enclosure of lots by fence, hedge or curbing.

The following is not allowed


  • Cutting of flowers that are not your own.
  • No boisterous conduct, picnics, or climbing on the monuments.
  • No glass containers on lots, no firearms except at military funerals.
  • No small objects placed on the monuments (these can be hazardous to personnel.) 


  • A monument lot allows for one monument extended above ground level and may be erected and placed at the head of the lot on the center of the lot line.
  • Monuments will be marble or granite
  • Maximum size for a 7' x 10' lot will be 4.5' long by 3.5' high.  Measurements include the base.
  • Single grave 3.5' x 10' lot monument size 24" wide x 24" high.
  • Monuments must have proper foundation, 5' deep if possible.
  • All will be scheduled and inspected by the commission.

Cremation Lots

  • Cremation lots are 5' x 7'
  • Flush markers may be 1' x 3'
  • Flush markers will be granite with allowed colors of gray, pink, brown, black or green.
  • 3" of crushed stone is required under the marker.
  • Ashes will be in a permanent container of granite, marble, copper or acrylic.
  • No planting of trees, shrubs or evergreens.
  • A 15" wide bed for ground flowers may be made at the base of the front side of the marker.
  • Maintenance is the responsibility of the owners.
  • Artificial flowers may be used October 10th to may 10th.