The Town Wide Reappraisal has been pushed back to 2024:

The Town is continuing to reassess the values for all the property in Shelburne to be included in the 2024 Grand List.  To tie values to the real estate market we need to visit the inside and outside of every property to assure our records are current and accurate.  We will be working through the next two years to collect the information necessary.  You will receive a letter in the mail stating the date one of the Assessors will be coming by.  Please call the office at 802-985-5115, if you need to reschedule the date or want a specific time.

The results of the inspection/record update will not be available until early June with the 2024 Grand List.  Please be advised that you will receive a written notification of any changes at that time.

It is important for you to understand the Town of Shelburne and our staff are aware of and respect the serious nature of the COVID-19 situation.  Everyone affiliated with this effort has been trained on appropriate COVID-19 conduct, will wear a mask if you wish, and will avoid touching any unnecessary parts of your building(s).  We will not be conduct interior inspections if you are uncomfortable with it, however, to obtain accurate information we would like to speak with you about the interior.  This can be done on the day of the inspection, outside from a safe distance, or by calling the office at 985-5115 to answer questions about the interior.  We do not want to jeopardize anyone’s health or safety through the process of collecting information for this project.

A full reappraisal includes a clear and fair representation of the taxable properties in Shelburne.   We, as your staff have the duty and responsibility to set property values on the most accurate and thorough base possible using standard appraisal methods.  We must pass judgement on things such as the impact of location, characteristics, size, design, quality, condition, extent of improvement and utility of both the land and buildings.  A successful result depends heavily on your cooperation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Grand List 2023

The Assessment Department annually produces the Grand List. This document essentially indicates the cumulative value of private property in Shelburne as of the base year. The base year is 2008 with the effective date of value being April 1st of each subsequent year.
You will find the current year Grand List in the Quick Links below.
​The goal of the department is to monitor the local real estate market and constantly test the relationship between Town of Shelburne appraisals to the actual market. Real estate information is kept both in the Town Clerk and Assessing Departments. This includes maps, deeds and property transfer tax returns. There is also a breakdown of all assessments in the public records. The files are sorted by physical address and available to the public during normal working hours.

For more information about your value either directly contact the Assessor's office or you may find the information in the FAQ's or the Quick Links helpful.
Property owners are encouraged to check for the factual accuracy and fairness of the assessment information. Our goal is to remain accessible, accurate and reasonable in all valuations.  Please contact our office by stopping by or calling us at 802-985-5115. We look forward to working with all individual on matters pertaining to the valuation of their Shelburne property.

The values in the Grand List have been prepared using either standard appraisal methods developed from the marketplace in advance of the last reappraisal or as prescribed by State Law. There are several adjustments to either the method or final value set by Vermont Statues. Examples include partial exemptions for honorably discharged veterans with a 50% or greater disability, qualified subsidized housing, properties enrolled in the State use-value program, solar arrays and primary residences subject housing covenants.
The majority of Grand List values have been derived using the Cost Approach with a distinct value on land and buildings. This is one of three approaches (Cost, Income and Sales Comparison). It is not appropriate to use the Cost Approach with condominiums as there is no separately-owned land with the unit. The “Income Approach” is an estimate of the present value of future real estate rental or lease potential. The state requires we use this approach in Shelburne to place value(s) on qualified affordable housing using the prescribed factors (ie HUD rental and capitalization rate). The sales comparison approach is typically used often by independent fee appraisers for private work and periodically as a check on town values. There is a common mis-perception towns rely on this approach to develop values for the Grand List. It is simply not feasible to complete a sales comparison analysis on every property in town, even those with less than the 2,900 +/- properties in Shelburne hence we rely more on the Cost Approach to value. 

Property owners are encouraged to check for the factual accuracy and fairness of the assessment information. A goal is to remain accessible, accurate and reasonable in all valuations. Please contact the office by stopping by, writing us or calling 802-985-5115. We look forward to working with all individuals on matters pertaining to the valuation of their Shelburne property.