Planning & Zoning

Staff in the Planning and Zoning Department can assist you with the permit application process...and more.  Permits required in Shelburne include the following:

  • Building Permits
  • Zoning Permits
  • Demolition Permits (Village only)
  • Peddler's Permits
  • Occupancy Permits
  • Sign Permits
  • Subdivision/Site Plan Fees

Please note: Planning and Zoning and the Town does not issue Certificates of Zoning Compliance. 

Building Permits

Building permits are needed and available for structural changes to the exterior or interior of your home. Limited home businesses are allowed in most locations and require a home occupancy permit.

Zoning permits are issued in accordance with procedures spelled out in state law. Most permits become effective 15 days after being signed by the Enforcement Officer (unless appealed by someone qualifying as an ‘interested person’). Permits must be posted in a visible location on the property governed by the permit. However, in most instances, this is the extent of public notice regarding issuance of the permit. Individuals wishing to stay abreast of permit activity in particular areas of the Town may wish to review the listing of recent permits listed here

Digital (electronic) Submissions are encouraged to accelerate the review process. For most browsers you will need to “right click” on the form of your choice and save it to your computer in order to fill it out. Should you have any difficulty obtaining a form, please contact the Planning and Zoning office; a copy of the desired form can be emailed to you.

Please Take Note:

1. Complete DRB applications are due by 3:00 p.m. four (4) weeks in advance of each meeting.
2. To submit an application digitally, open the form using a PDF program (not your web browser) and type in the requested information. After the form is filled out, save it (to retain the information you entered). If you are submitting an application that requires DRB review attach the saved file to an email and send to Ken Belliveau. If you are submitting for a building permit (including accessory structures) or design review project, attach the saved file for an email addressed to Susan Cannizzaro.
3. Payment must be received before a permit can be issued. Checks can be mailed or brought to the Planning and Zoning Office.

Submissions - On-Line Submissions are encouraged.

1.  DRB Applications are due 3 weeks in advance of each meeting.
2.  To submit an application, fill out applications below and click on the submit button at  the bottom of the form.
3.  Payment must be received before a permit can be issued. Checks can be mailed or brought to the Planning and Zoning Office.