Housing Committee

Housing Subcommittee Charge

The Housing Subcommittee will assist the Planning Commission by advising it and other Town committees on matters relating to  housing. Subcommittee activities may include developing recommendations that help Shelburne achieve local and statutory housing goals and assembling material that helps Shelburne prepare and update the Housing element of the Comprehensive Plan.  The subcommittee will also collect, collate, and analyze data on housing stock in Shelburne and to make housing information available to any town committee, commission, or board that requests it.


The Housing data collected, collated, and analyzed by the Subcommittee may include:

  • Number of houses
  • Number of bedrooms per house
  • Location of house
  • Assessed price of house
  • Fluctuation in assessed value of house
  • District in which the house is located
  • Number of building permits historically issued
  • Increase/decrease in town/county/state population
  • Household make-up (demographics) such as number of adults and ages, number of dependents and ages
  • New building permits
  • Estimates of future residential building permits
  • Information from Walk Score
  • Understanding Shelburne’s housing in a broader context (county/state/national)

Information Sharing

The information can be used to assist a number of town entities in their duties:

  • Planning & Zoning
  • Public Works
  • Education
  • Library
  • Police
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Bike & Pedestrian
  • Natural Resources
  • Selectboard/Budgeting 


Membership and Meeting Schedule

The Subcommittee will consist of five (5) members who will meet on the first Monday of each month and/or other times as arranged. Meetings will be noticed and conducted in accord with the Vermont Open Meeting Law. The Subcommittee will be assisted by Shelburne Planning & Zoning staff, upon request.


Membership Terms and Reappointment

Members of the Subcommittee will serve one year terms with reappointment addressed by the Planning Commission Chair at the organizational meeting.

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Brian Precourt (former Member), Pam Brangan, Mark Brooks and Ron Bouchard. Not in Photo: Casey McNeil and Alicia Simmons

Housing SubCommittee
Committee Members                  Term Expires                                                             
Ron Bouchard 04/01/2020
Mark Brooks 04/01/2020
Pam Brangan, Chair 04/01/2020
Alicia Simmons 04/01/2020
Casey McNeil 04/01/2020