Flow Restoration

Munroe Brook

munroe brook

Flow Restoration Plan Study 

Trudell Consulting Engineers (TCE) and the Horsley Witten Group (HW) were hired by the Town of Shelburne to conduct a Flow Restoration Plan (FRP) for the Munroe Brook watershed. This watershed encompasses land in Shelburne and in the City of South Burlington.  The study may be downloaded under Related Documents.  It is a very large pdf file.

The goal of the FRP is to reduce peak stream flows during large storms and increase flows during small storms and thereby bring the brook’s hydrology into balance.  

To accomplish this goal, stormwater treatment structures (commonly referred to as Best Management Practices, or BMPs) will be proposed. These BMPs could include both the construction of new structures and the retrofitting of existing structures that are not performing at a high standard.  

To evaluate the relationship between these new/retrofitted BMPs and the flow goals of the FRP, a modeling tool (Vermont Best Management Practice Decision Support Software, or VTBMPDSS) has been developed by the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources. TCE and HW have been running this model and will use it to determine what BMPs are necessary to meet the targets.  

Using maps and other information TCE has developed a list of "candidate sites" on which BMPs might be located. Candidate BMP investigations list. However, TCE staff hope to visit each site in the coming weeks to complete more extensive evaluation. While "out in the field" TCE will be gathering GPS data, looking in catch basins, and verifying existing BMP sizing.  

TCE staff will be spending the vast majority of their time in the field gathering data from within the Public Right of Way. However, in some instances, for example, where there are low spots in the areas outside the Right of way, engineers also hope to investigate on private property outside the Right of Way.  
Maps illustrating the potential BMP locations are presented under Related Links below. The Town invites all residents of Shelburne to peruse these maps and be aware of the work that is taking place. Should you have any questions about the consultants and the work they are doing while in the field, please contact Chris Robinson at Email. Chris can also answer questions about the project overall and about other stormwater matters.  
The Town understands that some residents could become concerned at the sight of unknown persons in residential areas. We wish to provide assurances that representatives of TCE are performing this work on the Town's behalf and with the goal of seeking ways to improve water quality in Shelburne Bay and Lake Champlain. We very much appreciate your cooperation!