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Maxine Davis art
The Month of  October we are featuring the glass art of Maxine Davis.
Maxine Davis Glass Art
Ph: 802-425-3034

​From the artist: 
Color and Whimsy:  That's my passion!  Life is touch enough.  Laugh!
​Retirement isn't sitting in a's the beginning of another life...with a few aches and pains and no need toe anywhere too early in the morning.

​I combine all of my experiences (wife, parent, grandparent, social worker, psychologist, knitting machine mechanic, farmer, USAID volunteer throughout the world, organizer and operator of craft shows to raise food for a food bank in South Carolina) plus the vibrancy of the glass with its myriad of reflections and faces, to bring forth fused glass that has exploding colors while still maintaining a folk like quality and naivety.  My training in art came through life long learning at colleges in Vermont and South Carolina.  After working exclusively with painting mediums my direction channeled into glass which I have been doing exclusively since 2010.

​My glass pictures tell stories.  Sometimes they remind us of our old toys (patchwork critters), personal experiences (seeing a father with his children), old pets, watching how children and animals relate (my grandchild with our cow), days at the beach, new experiences with old friend (four women going on an outing), or just fun (who's in charge?, golfers), they are paintings in glass which allow you a chance to remember back then as well.

​We are a product of all of our experiences, some of which we keep private and others that we share with out stories and memories.  Mine are shared with you in my glass.

​Visit me at my studio in North Ferrisburgh.  Learn first hand how projects are made from glass.  Please call first (802-425-3034).  Take a class and learn more about glass which watching it magically change form.

​Commissions accepted to make your ideas and designs into glass.
​Visit my website, my Facebook page or contact me as listed above.

​Concurrent October 2019 exhibits are at the Pierson Library, the Shelburne Town Offices and the Shelburne Museum.


Maxine Davis

Maxine Davis