Artists Featured at the Town Offices

The Month of December we are Featuring the Photography of Renee Difonzo







Artist Statement

I use photography to document the beauty I see in the world around me.  I am interested in the way environment is changed dramatically by light throughout the course of a day, and season to season.  Cameras have the ability to capture a scene as it appears, but in a surreal way, through variations in composition and perspective.  The collection of images in this exhibition are meant to draw in viewers with intense saturated colors and allow for a moment of pause and reflection.  I find peace and meditation in photographing landscapes and nature.  Through my work I hope the viewer can feel, if even just a little, the experience of being in the location and time, and maybe notice something about the space they otherwise might have overlooked.

I am a lifelong photographer and earner my Bachelor's in Fine Art from Alfred University where I studied photography, design and ceramics.  I currently live in Shelburne.  Please contact me if you are interested in my photography services.

Please stop by the Town Offices or visit Renee Difonzo's Website to see her Photography.