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Planning Commission Hearings on Zoning Bylaws

At its February 8 meeting, the Shelburne Planning Commission discussed a series of possible zoning bylaw amendments. At the conclusion of its discussion, the Planning Commission voted to warn a Public Hearing on the proposed changes and to conduct that hearing on Thursday, March 8, 2018. In addition, Staff was directed to distribute the proposed amendment and a “zoning change report” as required by statute.

The Planning Commission conducted the warned hearing as planned.  Upon the close of the hearing, the Commission adopted a motion calling for the proposal and zoning change report to "be forwarded to the Selectboard for its consideration and action."
The material warned for public hearing may be summarized as follows:
a) addition of language to allow, as nonconformities subject to conditional use review, limited expansion of structures encroaching on front yard setback in the Rural Zoning District; b) addition of language to allow, as a permitted use subject to all other applicable requirements of the Lakeshore Overlay District, installation of “lakeshore safety fence” structures within 100 foot setback from the 102 foot elevation Contour along Lake Champlain;
c) addition of language cross referencing statutory authority relating to Site Plan Review and Conditional Use Review; and d) correction of typographical errors in Table 2.

The full text of the proposal as advanced to the Selectboard may be found as part of the packet posted on the right side of this web page. The “zoning change report” also is available at right.








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