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Shelburne is Developing a Stormwater Utility & Fees

As per state statute, Shelburne must reduce, then maintain certain levels of pollution caused by stormwater into Lake Champlain. In order to fund the Town's stormwater management program, capital improvement projects, and maintenance, Shelburne is working to establish an equitable funding source that won’t affect the property tax rate and will enable all contributors of stormwater to finance the utility.

Shelburne’s Selectboard has asked staff to investigate the development of a Stormwater Utility, similar to other towns in Chittenden County, to fund this infrastructure. Town staff are currently working with the City of South Burlington, a leader in stormwater management, to look into this. A Stormwater Advisory Committee has also been formed to work with staff and the Selectboard on this potential project.  

Why Manage Stormwater?

Impervious surfaces, such as roads, driveways, rooftop, etc., generate more stormwater runoff into Lake Champlain. This runoff can erode stream banks and increase water pollution, which is an environmental and public health concern. Shelburne has been designated as a MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) town by the state. Towns with this designation must prepare a Flow Restoration Plan for each stormwater impaired watershed.  

Stormwater Utility and Fees

A stormwater utility manages the flow of stormwater via storm drains, culverts, swales, stonelined ditches, retention and detention ponds, and other various best management practices. 

A stormwater utility fee is comparable to a water or sewer fee and is based on a common rate for a property’s contribution to stormwater runoff.  See South Burlington’s stormwater utility website for some information on how this might work.

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