Board of Civil Authority & Justices of the Peace

The Board of Civil Authority is comprised of the Town Clerk, the Selectboard, and the Justices of the Peace of the Town.  All of these offices are elected. 

Regular Meetings

  • Meets throughout the year, as necessary. 
  • Shelburne Town Center
    5420 Shelburne Rd
    Shelburne, VT 05482

Contact Information

Diana Vachon, Town Clerk
Ph: 802-264-5075

Agendas & Minutes
Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval. 
View Agendas and Minutes 

L to R sitting: George Schiavone, Nancy Baker, Cate Cross, Becky Moore, Mike Donohue; L to R standing: Bill Deming, Jenny Leopold, Lee Suskin, Joan Lenes, Pete Gadue, Tom Little, Jaime Heins, Diana Vachon, Randy Rowland, Mary Kehoe and David Webster; Not shown: Laura Gannon-Murakamai, Jerry Storey, Colleen Parker, and Michael Ashooh.

BCA Members & Justices of the Peace Phone Numbers
*Asterisks  Indicates Those Who Perform Marriages  
*Nancy Baker, Vice Chair                 Justice of the Peace Democrat        802-578-4044
Cate Cross                         Justice of the Peace Democrat        802-985-5619
Michael Ashooh                   Selectboard Member        802-324-9158
Bill Deming                         Justice of the Peace Independent        802-985-2098
*Mike Donohue                   Justice of the Peace Republican        202-525-9835
*Pete Gadue                       Justice of the Peace Republican        802-233-7229
*Laura Gannon-Murakami  Justice of the Peace Democrat            802-922-3223
Jaimesen Heins                  Selectboard Member        802-735-5048
Mary Kehoe                        Selectboard Member & Justice of the Peace        802-383-8383
*Joan Lenes                       Justice of the Peace Democrat        802-999-9363
*Jennifer Leopold               Justice of the Peace Democrat        802-310-2387
*Tom Little, Chair                   Justice of the Peace Republican        802-985-2701
*Rebecca Moore                Justice of the Peace Democrat        802-318-3164
Colleen Parker                   Selectboard Member        802-233-4643
Randolph Rowland            Justice of the Peace Democrat        802-734-1110
George Schiavone            Justice of the Peace Republican        802-985-2886
Jerry Storey                       Selectboard Member        207-907-9559
*Lee Suskin                       Justice of the Peace Independent        802-985-2247
Diana Vachon                    Town Clerk        802-985-5116
*David Webster, Vice Ch  Justice of the Peace Independent        802-985-8790
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