1. Administration / Town Manager

    The town manager is responsible for the administration of town government

  2. Assessing

    The Assessing and Reappraisal Department monitors the local real estate market and constantly tests the relationship between Town of Shelburne appraisals to the actual market.

  3. Buildings & Grounds

    Buildings and grounds is responsible for the maintenance of the buildings and grounds for the Town of Shelburne

  4. Cemetery

    There are three town cemeteries in Shelburne, two of which are still used for burials. The two still in active use are the Shelburne Village cemetery, and the Spear Street cemetery. All town cemeteries in Shelburne are cared for by the Shelburne Cemetery Commission.

  5. Clerk & Treasurer

    The Town Clerk and Treasurer's office maintains town records, sells dog licenses, conducts elections for the town and sells passports.

  6. Communications

    The Shelburne Communications Center serves as the Regional Emergency Communications Center.

  7. Finance

    The Finance Department is responsible for budget preparation, accounts payable, accounts receivables, all tax and utility revenue, tax and utility billing and payroll for the town offices.

  8. Fire Department

  9. Fire Website

    Contact and emergency information for the Fire Department

  10. Harbormaster

    Information regarding availability of Moorings, information on Shelburne Bay Park and contact information for our Harbormaster.

  11. Highway Department

    Responsibilities of the Highway Department include maintenance of all town roads, snow removal, and plowing.

  1. Human Resources

    Employees or persons looking for employment with the town may use the Human Resources page for information regarding positions and benefits provided by the town.

  2. Parks & Recreation

    The Parks and Recreation department oversees recreation for the town.

  3. Pierson Library

    Go to the Official Pierson Library Website

  4. Planning & Zoning

    Planning and Zoning information, building permits, and zoning violations for the Town of Shelburne

  5. Police

    Contact and other information for the Police Department

  6. Shelburne Rescue

    Find out how you can become a member, read about our history and Apply to be a member.

  7. Shelburne Rescue Website

    Shelburne Rescue is a volunteer emergency medicine service serving the town of Shelburne

  8. Stormwater / Water Quality

    Stormwater is water that runs off impervious surfaces such as rooftops, paved streets, driveways, highways, parking lots, packed gravel roads, and hard surfaces like athletic fields.

  9. Tax Administration

    Information regarding taxes, payments, due dates and contact information.

  10. Water Department

    Information regarding rates, due dates, services and contact information.

  11. Wastewater

    Information regarding rates, payments and contact information.